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      The king, as we have mentioned, allotted to his son a very moderate income, barely enough for the necessary expenses of his establishment. But the prince borrowed money in large sums from the Empress of Germany, from Russia, from England. It was well known that, should his life be preserved, he would soon have ample means to repay the loan. Frederick William probably found it expedient to close his eyes against these transactions. But he did not attempt to conceal the chagrin with which he regarded the literary and voluptuous tastes of his son.The world feels at home in Cologne, where people meet for a Klsch, a chat or simply a laugh. Life in Cologne is vivacious.

    • Take a trip through 2000 years of history and visit cultural monuments from the Roman Empire to modern times.

    • With Mlle. Leclerc? I think it a very suitable match.Cologne provides over 250 hotels with a total capacity of more than 26,000 beds.

    • He spoke half jokingly, but Cazotte saw no joke at all, but went into a corner without speaking, turned his face to the wall, and remained there in silence for a quarter of an hour, after which he came back with a joyful look.Lisette complained bitterly to her husband, who only told her to let them talk, and treated the matter with indignant contempt."Drinking a Klsch is more than just drinking a beer: its like drinking an entire culture." (NYT, 5/07)

    • Enjoy the world-famous traditional Cologne Carnival and several top events throughout the year.

    • Prime location in the heart of Europe and exemplary infrastructure also a multitude of highly specialised modern economy.

    • Colognes Schildergasse is the most-visited shopping street in Germany.

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    Friday, 25-06-2021,

    {sjtxt}Cologne is best prepared for cases of suspected corona or corona illness (www.stadt-koeln.de).

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Immerse yourself in Colognes history and experience life at the beginning of the 20th century with all your senses, thanks to virtual reality. Travel back in time to witness this golden era of Colognes history! Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}The magnificent Cologne Cathedral hovers above the roofs and chimneys of the city. It is not only used as a point of orientation but is the pride of the people in Cologne. It can be seen from nearly every point in the city centre and from many places elsewhere.

    {sjtxt}{sjtxt}Cologne provides over 250 hotels with a total capacity of more than 26,000 beds ranging from low-budget accommodation and state-of-the-art design hotels to stylish suites in one of the large international top-quality hotels.

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